1. We believe that The Lord, our God, is One Lord and the only True God. We speak of Him, correctly, as God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

2. We believe that The Son of God, Who is indeed God Himself, took on man’s nature in the Virgin Mary and was born in the person of Jesus of Nazareth. He suffered, was crucified, died and was buried, in order to reconcile all humankind in general, and each person in particular, to God The Father; for we have all fallen from God by the Original Sin and guilt of our first parents, Adam and Eve, and the continued actual sin and guilt in each of us.

3. We believe that this same Jesus, Whom we call Christ, did rise from the dead, in bodily form, on the third day after His death. This same Jesus ascended into heaven, where He lives eternally with, and in, The Father. At the end of time, as we know time, He shall return to judge all humankind.

4. We believe that The Holy Spirit (Holy Ghost) proceeds from God, The Father and God, The Son, and is one with Them in Service, to inspire, illuminate and sustain the children of God.

5. We believe that God Almighty has called us to serve Him by declaring His Truth in thought, word and deed, to the whole world. That only by the Truth, which is Jesus, The Son of God can we find freedom and liberation from the evil that is manifested by sin and guilt within and the sin, exploitation and oppession from without.

6. We believe and affirm the twenty-five (25) Articles of Religion found in the The Discipline of THE AFRICAN METHODIST EPISCOPAL ZION CHURCH.

We are:
AFRICAN, in our heritage although our membership is open to all who desire salvation;
METHODIST, in our tradition, that everything is set up and conducted in a particular method or order;
EPISCOPAL, in our form of government, supervised by Episcopal leaders called Bishops;
ZION, the name of our first church and the Holy City we strive to make our eternal home.