We are the people of God because we love the Lord and keep his commandments.
Our vision is for every church member to be prepared to serve and to give his/her time
voluntarily to the work of God. Our church open our doors for those who are hurting,
depressed, confused, cant find love, peace, acceptance, help, hope forgiveness or encouragement.

Beulah Church

Our God is a living God. And he works through all of our daily lives.

Rev Levi Brown

We would like to invite you to worship the Lord with us, because he is the strength of our lives. The Beulah church is a spirit filled church where you can learn so much more about the Lord our beautiful saviour. With us you can gain spiritual experience and truly feel the power of our awesome God. We believe as a congregation that working together is building together. The Beulah A.M.E Zion church are committed to save souls and direct them to the kingdom of God. Please feel free to join us as we continue working for the master. Why not accept Him today as your personal Saviour. And see how good He will be to you.