During the 1950s and 1960s Britain experience a great influx of its subjects from its colonies across The West Indies. With few led Churches of Afro-Caribbean descent these people found it hard to find places of worship that took them in readily. With a great deal of racial discrimination in and out of the church it was only to be a matter of time before this generation who had left their home in the West Indies to start a new life in the Mother Country would begin to form and maintain places of worship in their own right.

One of these said places was to first open its doors in 1961. The name of this church was the Ransom Pentecostal Church of God an independent body of people led by the Rev. Vincent Fagan.

This congregation’s first place of worship was a hall on the Patmore Estate off Wandsworth Road Stockwell. The membership grew steadily and it was decided that they needed a larger more permanent place of worship. Rev. Fagan was told of such a place that had become available to buy, he therefore visited the proposed site and in his own words said that has he drove up he shone his car lights on the building and immediately knew that this would be the new home of the Ransom Pentecostal church of God. The said building being 2A Mallinson Road Battersea, London.

Having worshipped independently for a number of years the church was introduced to the A.M.E. Zion by Rev. Horace A. Gordon and Rev. May. On a visit to the USA they met with Bishop Herbert Bell Shaw, who subsequently visited the church in England and thus in November 1970 the church was accepted into full connection and officially became the Ransom Pentecostal African Methodist Episcopal Zion church.

Over the ages we have seen the Conference grow and through circumstances some of our beloved brothers and sisters have chosen spread the Gospel of Jesus through other organisations. Some have retired through ill health and some have retired because they knew that each day births new ministry’s and they give wisdom to those of us who now lead the way.

The conference now consists of 2 Presiding Elder Districts with 10 Churches.